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The Magic of Stopping Time

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a magic watch that could stop time?

You would never feel rushed.  Never feel pressured.  No situation could scare you, because you could just push a button on your watch and stop things long enough for you to get away.  You would be incredibly self-confident, because no matter what anybody said to you, you could take as much time as you wanted to figure out what to say back!

In a very real way, the ability to step outside of time would allow you to transcend ordinary reality.  Cause and effect would have no meaning for you.  You would, in fact, be totally and completely free to do whatever you wanted.

What a contrast to everyday life, where we often seem to have NO control at all.  We are rushed and pressured and trapped, day in and day out.  People feel like helpless victims of circumstance, with no way to get ahead – or even caught up.

But what if you really could step outside of time?  What if you could, at will, step into a timeless void where you really had all the time you needed to think?  To choose wisely?  To reinvent your self, and your life?

Designing A Life of Your Own

Now, I’m not saying that the clock is going to stop along with you, but you will probably feel like it has.  And you will discover that in this timeless place, you can turn your life into anything you want it to be.  You can ask any question, and it will be answered.  Take any problem, and transform it into a vehicle for action.

And this is only one of the things that an elite group of eleven people will be learning on Saturday night (or Sunday morning, for the three Australians!).

The Pathfinders, my private coaching clients in the Seven Days To Live Your Dreams program, will be learning how to design what they really want in life.  How to literally transcend the cause-and-effect cycles that currently run their lives.  For the first time, I’m going to be sharing the secrets I use myself, to create the things that others cannot.  I’ll even be explaining how to resolve seemingly impossible dilemnas: What do you do when it seems you have to choose one thing or the other, but you want to have both!

So if you’re one of the people who’s listened to the Banish Unwanted Feelings Forever workshop, this is your next step.  You know by now, how to destroy the feelings that have been keeping you imprisoned, but now you need to know how to travel outside your former prison.  So in this weekend’s Instant Creativity workshop, you will learn how to go anywhere, at any time.

And you won’t be blocked any more by excuses like “I don’t know what I should do,” and “I don’t know how.”  Once you’ve taken this weekend’s workshop, you will know what to do, and you will know how.

Put Your Past Behind You

I know this because I’m going to teach you what I used to prepare myself for these workshops.  When the deadlines grew close and I began to panic about not being prepared enough, I would suddenly remember….  “Oh, that’s right.  I know how to stop time.”

When I wasn’t 100% sure what subjects I would cover or how I would present them, and start to whine, “But I don’t know what I should do or how I should teach this”, I would stop and remember…  “Oh, that’s right.  I know how to answer any question.”  Duh!

And then, when I did the things I’m going to teach you, the pressure and stress went away, and the ideas and answers began to flow.

And that, just in and of itself, is worth far more than the amount the Pathfinders have paid for the entire seven-part workshop series.  But it’s still just the beginning.

In 1997, I used these same techniques to multiply my annual income to about five times what it was the year before – and later I used them to double it again.  I’ve used these methods to literally reinvent my life, many times.  And everything that I have ever written about in my blog is the result of using these approaches.

But Time is Running Out!

But as of this moment, I have only eight phone lines left for this incredible workshop series before the price goes up again, and time is running out until next workshop begins.  Get registered now, and you’ll also be able to attend the next five workshops as well – on decision making, motivation, action, organization, and balance – over the next few months.  And you’ll get a three-month membership in the Pathfinders, where you’ll be side-by-side with other people who are going after what they want in life, and getting the coaching you need from me personally, via the members-only forum.  All for a ridiculously low price of around $7 a day for the whole three-month program!

Already, about half of the current Pathfinders have posted their goals lists and gotten personal feedback on how to get past the specific issues that are causing them problems, and how to design goals that will actually fulfill them and move them forward, instead of goals that keep them stuck or make them worse.  (Yes, it’s really possible to have goals that will make your life worse than it is now – and most people set goals this way by default!)

This weekend’s workshop will begin at 6pm US/Eastern time, which translates to the following times in the 17 countries where the 89 current You, Version 2.0 readers live, from West to East around the globe:

Saturday, September 30th:

  • USA: 3pm Pacific, 4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern
  • Britain, Ireland, Portugal: 11pm
  • Germany, Norway, Spain, France, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands: Midnight

Sunday, October 1st

  • Israel, Tanzania: 1am
  • United Arab Emirates: 2am
  • Singapore: 6am
  • Australia: 6am AWST, 7:30am ACST, 8am AEST
  • New Zealand: 10am

(NOTE: These are all one workshop time, not two workshops or eight!  Please let me know if I’ve gotten any of the times wrong.)

So register today, and put your past behind you.  Even if you haven’t taken the first workshop yet, I’ll send you a link to an MP3 and a PDF, so you can quickly get caught up to where everyone else is.  So join us now, and learn to step outside of time, so you can start rewriting your life story.  You’ll have my help, and the company of the other Pathfinders.

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