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WSGI Is Dead: Long Live WSGI Lite!

Almost a decade ago, back when I first proposed the idea of WSGI to the Web-SIG, I had a rather idealistic vision of how WSGI could be a kind of “framework dissolver”.  I envisioned a future in which everything was pluggable, and there would no...

Simplifying prioritized methods in PEAK-Rules

Recently, I’ve been scouting around the web for examples of what people have been doing with PEAK-Rules (and the older RuleDispatch package) to get an idea of what else I should put in (if anything) before making the first official release.One of...

Python Gets Out…

Python seems to keep turning up in the most unusual places.  Today I went to the library and borrowed a couple of books on graphic design to assist in making some layout decisions for the book I’m working on.  One was a book I’d read before, Editing...

reddit – now with PJE inside

Until I saw this neat traceback from the innards of reddit, the success of WSGI and eggs was a lot more abstract.  But now, it appears they’ve got some street cred (along with Pylons, Paste, Beaker, and flup, it looks like).OTOH, since reddit was...

The Library Paradox

Every so often, I see a new package listed on the Python Package Index that claims – in its tag line, no less – that it offers some feature “without external dependencies”.The authors of such packages must think it’s a truly valuable feature, to...

The End of an Era

CompUSA closing?  It’s a bit hard to believe it.  I remember going there back in the 80’s, for goodness sakes.  Bought lots of books and software there, not to mention keyboards, mice, memory, cases, motherboards, you name it.  They’ve been around...

The Not-So-Secret Truth About SQL

The other day I was helping my wife debug a report she was trying to set up in her store operations software, and there was something screwy about the totals.She was trying to set up an inventory change report that would reflect the changes of...

Printing Postage with Python and Endicia.com

As my self-help business has grown, I’ve been needing to ship dozens of newsletters and CDs to my members each month, not counting incidental orders for other products.  Last year, I did all my shipping manually through the USPS website, but as soon...



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