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The End of an Era

CompUSA closing?  It’s a bit hard to believe it.  I remember going there back in the 80’s, for goodness sakes.  Bought lots of books and software there, not to mention keyboards, mice, memory, cases, motherboards, you name it.  They’ve been around for about as long as I’ve been a programmer.  Now where am I going to buy motherboards when the old one dies on a Saturday morning?

True, I’ve been buying most of my peripherals from Circuit City these days, but they don’t carry very many motherboards, and none of them in stores.  It seems that computer shows are a dying breed these days, too.

I guess there are too many places to buy assembled computers these days, and the gamers and other people who like to customize buy their parts online.  Ah well.  A cup of auld lang syne, CompUSA, we knew thee well.

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  • To some extent, I feel the same… CompUSA was pretty cool when it first opened. The CompUSA that’s shutting down, however, feels like a different beast. Their prices are higher on most items, and their service never seemed very good. (I’ve also heard that it can be a lousy place to work…)

    As far as I can tell, Frys still does very good business, in the places where you can find one. I think you’re right, though, that most people buying components today do so online…

    (If only there was a Frys near me…)

  • I went into my local CompUSA to check out their going-out-of-business sale, and nearly ran screaming from the store. With the blaring music from the MP3 player department competing with the blaring music from the HDTV department, and the blaring music from the store PA, it was a nearly intolerable environment in which to shop. At least for me. My husband, who is normally more sensitive to environmental musical annoyances, seemed unaffected. CompUSA wasn’t always that way, and I suspect these facts are not unrelated.

    (BTW the sale prices were nothing special.)



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