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Greatest Desire, Greatest Fear

Despite what Marianne Williamson might say, our greatest fear is *not* that we are powerful beyond measure. In my opinion, that’s nearly complete nonsense: a fantasy we use to protect our egos.
But there is a tiny, tiny, *tiny* grain of truth in it.

What Stands In The Way, Becomes The Way

I was always a stubborn child.When my parents told me, “you can’t”, I would ask, “why not?”They said I couldn’t have everything I wanted. That there was no fast and sure way to make money. That I needed things other than my intellect to get by in...

A More Glorious Failure

I was in a jam last Friday. The middle part of “Unproven” (the new book I’m writing) still wasn’t working. So I sat down to try to sort it out.I wasn’t actually intending to write anything. I was just going to type out my thoughts, on what I was...

The Duckling’s Dilemma

All my life I’ve tried to learn discipline, focus, rigor. To have routines and stick to them, to work patiently and gradually towards well-defined goals. And I did this because I thought it would be good for me, that it would help me reach my...

The Experience of Not Knowing

Often, I tell myself that I don’t know what to do.And then, I feel bad about it.In my mind, I call this experience “not knowing what to do”.But that is wrong: that is not what this experience really is.This experience is just me telling myself a...

How To End Your Sentence

Say this with me now, “I have a lot of work to do.”Then sigh.Or, if that doesn’t make you feel bad, try some other statement.Like, “I can’t lose weight.”Or, “I don’t know what to do.”Or anything at all, really. Just say (or think) something that...

The Moment of Choice

Last night I stayed up late.Like, 5:30 in the morning, late.I was tinkering on a little programming project, that sort of got out of hand.  I kept feeling like, “I’ve almost got it…”, only to find one more little problem.  The kind of thing that...

The Root of Perfectionism

I’m a recovering perfectionist.Not the wanna-be kind, that says they’re a perfectionist because they have high standards.  No, I’m the kind that always feels bad about what they’ve done, because it’s not quite as good as it could have been.Worse, I...

Don’t Want, Doesn’t Matter

While it’s certainly good to get away from the things you don’t want, in the scope of life as a whole, what we don’t want doesn’t really matter.Because avoiding what you don’t want will never bring you happiness, or peace, or joy, or even a sense of...

Building a Dream

Have you ever had something you wanted to achieve, that always seemed just out of reach?Every day, every month, every year, you think, “this is it, I’m finally going to do it…”And then you don’t.For about the past two years or so, I was doing that...



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