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What Stands In The Way, Becomes The Way

I was always a stubborn child.When my parents told me, “you can’t”, I would ask, “why not?”They said I couldn’t have everything I wanted. That there was no fast and sure way to make money. That I needed things other than my intellect to get by in...

Getting Paid For What You Love

Doing these workshops is such a rush.  I don’t mean the public speaking aspect (which I’m still nervous about most of the time), but the part where I can tell I’m actually helping people.  In ways that are much more personal and substantial than...

Confidence and the Unexpected Origins of Value

I was watching an old Simpsons episode on TV this afternoon, the one where Bart gets hit by Mr. Burns’s car.  And there was a courtroom scene in it where the defense attorney is trying to set an appropriate value for Bart’s pain and suffering ($5). ...

Phillip Greenspun on Early Retirement

P.G.’s thoughts on Early Retirement:“Most people have terrible time management skills. This limitation is of no consequence in public school. The school tells you where to sit and what to do and when, at least for six hours per day. This limitation...



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