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7 Days To Live Your Dreams (2006)


A Teleseminar Workshop Series

Instant Acceptance (September 16/17) – Learn how your feelings hold you back, and how to get free! (If you’re reading this page, then you’ve probably already attended this one, but you’ll get an MP3 of it if you haven’t.)

Instant Creativity (September 30/31) – Don’t know what your dreams are? Don’t know what you should be doing to achieve them? Learn how to break through the barriers to creativity, and how to take advantage of the one small difference that makes a person seem “creative” compared to other people!

Instant Decisions (October 14/15) – Now that you have ideas, which ones will you put into practice? Learn how to make important decisions without agony, how to prioritize without pain, and how to set goals that will enrich your life, instead of making life more difficult.

Jump-Start Your Motivation (October 28/29) – There are two ways to go through life: pushing on yourself to do things you don’t want to do, and pulling yourself by the attraction of what you really want. You’ll learn how to transform unmotivating tasks into true gifts you give yourself!

Gear Up For Action (November 11/12) – Learn how to start – and finish! – everything you want or need to get done. The ultimate secret to prevent undesirable procrastination, and how to tell the difference between real procrastination (bad) and pseudo-procrastination (that’s actually good for you!).

Instant Organization (November 25/26) – What does it really mean to be an “organized” person? Learn the “inner games” of time and space management, that will help you clear the clutter from your mind, body, and living/working space.

Instant Balance (December 9/10) – Whether it’s working for a living or working towards your dreams, life is about more than work. Learn how to keep the rest of your life from being neglected, whether it’s your housekeeping or your “spouse keeping!”. Discover the true meaning of “quality time”, and much more.



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