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Why Time Management Doesn’t Work

Why Time Management Doesn’t Work

For many years, I would try every new time management or personal organization system that came out.  And while some were better than others, I have to say that, overall, none of them really “worked”, in the sense that they didn’t make me become the “organized person” that I desperately wanted to be.

That’s because no time management system is a cure for procrastination.  And even though there are lots of “life hacks” out there on the internet that supposedly help with procrastination, and there are dozens of books out there on procrastination, organzation, and time management, not ONE of these things will actually get rid of procrastination.

Instead, these tips, tricks, and techniques are all just ways to manage procrastination.  And what’s worse, they give you more things to do, in addition to whatever it is you already have to do!  Now, besides whatever other work you were going to do, you also have to write stuff down or set some kind of timer or create some kind of filing or tickler system.

And so, that can end up one of two ways.  Either the tool or approach becomes a new way to procrastinate, as you fiddle and tune your new “system”, OR it becomes a new thing to put off doing!

Heck, sometimes it’s both.  First, you put off work while setting up the system.  Then, you do some work while you’re still pumped up with excitement about the “new you”.  Then, you get bored with the system and start putting off doing the system, as well as your actual work, and you forget the whole thing.

Until the next system comes along, and you start over again.

Getting Off The Merry Go-Round

At least, that’s how it was with me.  But for the first time, I’ve found a way to change me, instead of changing systems.  And I made just two simple changes, taking only a few minutes each: eliminating despair, and eliminating the “have to” feeling.  And just like that, my chronic procrastination was simply gone.

And I know that it’s not coming back, because neither of the feelings has come back.  And instead of that sense of elation and excitement that I used to get when trying a new time management or motivational technique (before I’d get bored with it), I now feel nothing.  I “just work”, with no particular feeling about it at all!

And I now work a lot.  In addition to my day job, I’m now coaching a group of 12 people, creating and giving workshops, and putting together the packaging for a new product.  And yet, I still have enough free time left over, that I decided to hold another workshop for the Pathfinders, that I’m adding, free of charge, to the Seven Days to Live Your Dreams program!  (And I still watch some TV with my wife most nights, and tonight we’re going to a Jim Gaffigan concert.  So it’s not like I’m substituting work for having a life.)

Anyway, the “bonus” workshop is called The Procrastination Cure.  And in it, participants will learn about the root causes of procrastination, based on the latest scientific research by psychologists and (oddly enough) economists about how we make decisions.  They’ll come to understand why procrastination isn’t really “one thing”, but many.

And they’ll learn how to use the techniques that they already learned in the Banish Unwanted Feelings workshop, to remove the feelings that cause chronic procrastination.  Finally, they’ll learn how to structure their new “life after procrastination”, so that they can keep the hidden benefits of procrastination, without any of the drawbacks!

But the only way to get into this exclusive workshop is to become a Pathfinder, by joining the Seven Days program.  And, you have to actually attend the workshop on the day it occurs (Wednesday, October 11th, at 9pm Eastern), because I will only be providing free recordings to those people who attend and submit feedback and testimonials for the program.

Become The Motivated Person You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

That’s because the material in this workshop is so good, I’m going to be packaging it for sale as a product in its own right, in combination with a recording of the Banish Unwanted Feelings Forever workshop.  Together, the multi-CD set, binder, worksheets, etc. will probably be priced around a couple hundred dollars.  The information is just that good…  and if you use it to change your life, it’ll be worth much more than what you’ll pay.

But right now, you can still get a free MP3 of Banish Unwanted Feelings when you buy my book, although I’m going to have to stop doing that before the new product comes out.  Therefore, October 14th will be the very last day that I’ll be giving out free MP3’s with the book.  So if you want it, you really do need to buy it now.

And, if you want to also learn how to apply that technique to procrastination, too, you can either wait for the course to come out on CD later this month, OR you can sign up now for the Seven Days to Live Your Dreams program.  You’ll get all seven workshops as MP3’s, plus the ability to attend the bonus workshop, The Procrastination Cure.  And you’ll get a login to the Pathfinders group website, where you’ll be able to ask me questions about your personal issues, along with coaching assignments and feedback, as you work towards your goals.

But there are now only seven spaces left, and the registration price will go up again starting October 14th.

So this really is your last week to take advantage of these almost-too-generous offers.  And you can become an organized and motivated person, without any special tricks or systems.  So don’t put it off any longer.

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