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You, Version 2.0 (Special Limited Edition)

Cover image of You, Version 2.0: 28 Mind-Expanding Essays from dirtSimple.org by Phillip J. Eby


Now you can get all of the essential self-improvement essays from dirtSimple.org in a portable, easy-to-browse 6×9“ format, for as little as $1.25 per essay! ($29.95 plus shipping and handling).

What reviewers are saying:

Jack Thomas: “There is so much useful stuff in this book about motivation, setting goals, mind body balance, the list goes on…. I recommend it for a good think and a challenge to your perspective on life”

Keith Martin: “I discovered Philip Eby’s blog Dirt Simple a couple of months ago, and his approach to mindfulness, mind hacks and getting things done resonated well with me. So when he collected his best posts and published them as a book, I happily ponied up his asking price and bought one. I’m glad that I did.”

FictionFobic: “Why not insert a new program to upgrade the system? We do that daily at work and at home. Why assume that habits and patterns are fixed? Download a new driver and the glitch will be fixed. Familiar and reasonable words and indeed every lesson that is learned supports the case.”

  • Why it sometimes seems like you don’t control your own actions
  • Why the body is the key to the mind, and not the other way around!
  • Why avoiding the things you dislike usually makes them worse, not better!
  • Why achieving your goals will never make you really happy
  • How to use your “mental time machine” to change the person you were, before trying to change the person you are
  • How to overcome your resistance and procrastination, not by being harder on yourself, but by being gentler
  • The real reason “resolutions” don’t stick, and willpower doesn’t work
  • Why intelligent people are often far less happy with their lives than people of average intelligence, and what they can do to change this!
  • The difference between visualizing to plan, and visualizing to act
  • And much, much more!

Want to see what it looks like inside?  Take a look at this 62-page PDF sampler that includes a sneak peek at the first few pages of Time and Awareness: The Refactored Self  Part 2 – an exclusive bonus essay that you won’t find on this website or anywhere else.  This exclusive essay provides a detailed explanation of how I did the “mental refactoring” described in The Multiple Self and Self, Version 2.0, so that you too can change the beliefs that are holding you back from a fulfilling life.



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