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Beyond Belief – February 7th

Beyond Belief – February 7th

Have you ever noticed how some people just won’t follow good advice?  You can tell them over and over again to quit their job or dump their boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, but they just won’t do it.  “I can’t”, they’ll say, followed by a long list of painfully meaningless excuses.

Often, it’s all too easy to see where somebody else’s false beliefs are limiting their life in some way…  and all too hard to see our own limiting beliefs!

It’s almost as if everyone has a built-in “immune system” for their own beliefs.  “Yes, that other person’s beliefs are stupid,” we say to ourselves, “but I don’t have any beliefs like that, I’m just acting on The Truth.”

And even if you’re trying to improve yourself, it can still be tough.  Last year, as I went through the coaching process, I had to first recognize, and then eliminate, literally dozens of beliefs that were interfering with my ability to create a successful business.

I spent a lot of time struggling at first, until I realized that every belief I eliminated, had an immediate positive impact on my income.  Not through some magical process of beliefs changing reality, but through the simple fact that…

My beliefs were limiting what I could even think of to do!

For example, the idea of publishing a collection of articles I’d already written, was something that never occurred to me until I got rid of some of my beliefs about writing being difficult and making money by self-publishing being impossible!

And sometimes people ask, “Well, so how can you tell you even have a limiting belief in the first place?”

And really, the answer is quite simple:

  • If you’re feeling conflicted about something, you have conflicting beliefs!
  • If you’re feeling bad about something, you have a limiting belief!
  • If you’re feeling bad that you “have to” do something you “shouldn’t have to”, you have a belief that’s contradicting reality!
  • If you feel like you “can’t” be, do, or have something, you have a belief that prevents you!

In short, this is Rule 2 of the Code of Owners: “If it Feels Bad, You’re Doing It Wrong.”  The long form of this rule, that I first taught in Seven Days To Live Your Dreams, is:

Thinking Is Like Sex: If it Feels Bad, You’re Doing it Wrong!

And this is one of the harder rules of the Code to really understand and use, because most of us are way more attached to feeling bad, than we even realize!

That’s why my next MindShift training workshop is called, Beyond Belief: Resolving Inner Conflicts So You Can Get On With Your Life!

In this workshop, I’ll teach you the ins and outs of limiting beliefs: how they form, how to find them, and how to dissolve them, instantly and permanently.

And, unlike in my last workshop, I’ll be doing live demonstrations of my techniques, on “volunteers from the audience.”  And any limiting belief is fair game: financial, social, behavioral… you name it, and I’ll help you to

Find The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back, and Destroy Them

Remember page 6 of your notes from How To Make Yourself Do Anything?  We’re going to take that to the next level, and then some, inlcuding the much talked-about “feeling removal technique” that eliminates the “learned safety signals” causing you to freeze.

Yes, it’s the same technique that’s at the heart of the Procrastination Cure course, and indeed all of the Seven Days To Live Your Dreams series.  Until I learned to use this technique, it took me considerable time and effort to overcome limiting beliefs.

Back then, I didn’t understand how some beliefs can entwine with feelings in the body, to create powerful blocks.  But if you remove the feeling that supports the belief,

The Belief Just Fades Away!

So this next workshop will be held on February 7th, at 9:30pm Eastern time.  But unlike my last workshop, it is not open to the public.  In order to listen in, you have to be at least an Associate member of the Owners’ Circle, and to participate (i.e., have a chance to get your beliefs and limitations zapped by me) you have to either be a Full Member, or buy a single-event ticket.

If you enjoy my workshops and find them valuable, the most economical way to participate is to take advantage of the “Batteries Included” special I offered to attendees of my last workshop.

You’ll not only get the full Seven Days workshop series on CD, and the 6-CD  Procrastination Cure set, but you’ll also get to attend every month’s MindShift trainings (like Beyond Belief and How To Make Yourself Do Anything), and group coaching sessions (like last weekend’s Ratcheting Up Your Life ).

But You Need To Act Now

Remember: a significant number of the people I’ve helped are now making more money in better jobs or businesses of their own.  They’re enjoying better health, less stress, and pursuing their real dreams.

And that’s because they acted when I offered them the chance.  Sure, some of them hesitated a bit over the amount of money involved, and maybe even spent a few days crunching numbers to figure out how to afford it.

But the thing is, the secret of success is determining what you’re willing to give, in order to get.  And …

The less you pay for a thing, the less you value it.  Guaranteed.

To be honest, the prices I charge are usually the smallest amounts that I think I can get away with.  That is, if I charge any less, people won’t believe that what I do is any good!  And they won’t take what I say seriously enough, or follow through on what they say they want to do.

I mean, if I promised to eliminate any limiting belief or feeling from your life, instantly and permanently, for only $19.95, would you really believe I could do it?  Would you take my advice seriously when I told you what to do?  Or would you think, “yeah, right?”

So, the price has to be at least painful enough to make you stop and think, to say, “Am I really serious about this?”  Because if you answer “yes”, then you have a lot more chance of succeeding, and a lot less chance of bailing on your dreams later.

And if you don’t believe me, let me ask you something.  Have you been reading my blog for a while?  Did you listen to the free workshop?

If so, how many of things that you learned for free, have you put into daily practice?  In all likelihood, the answer is…

Not many, if any!

Oh sure, you intend to.  But you’re not really going to. Because the intention is just in your mind.

And as you learned this weekend, what’s inside is important, but what’s outside is essential.  Until you commit, by moving the intention that’s  inside you, to a visible promise outside you, nothing is going to happen.

And you have to do it now.  I mean, right this very instant!

Because when you just intend to do something, nothing happens.  You’ll “get around to it”…  when, exactly?

Your brain, you see, knows about only two kinds of time: “now”, and “not now”.  Unless you establish a specific time when “not now” will become “now”, it will remain “not now”.  Forever.

So stop the madness.  Commit yourself, by pledging your resources to fulfilling your dreams.  You don’t have to know how in order to commit; you have to commit, to find out how.

And you need to do it now.  Not tomorrow.  Not later.  Now.  NowNow.

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  • Phillip,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the last two sessions, and how much I’m looking forward to this next one. Yours is the most sensible self-help information I’ve heard in a long time. Keep up the great work.

    Patrick K. O’Brien



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