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Frequently-Asked Questions about the Workshop Replay

Frequently-Asked Questions about the Workshop Replay

A lot of people have been asking various questions about the replay line for last Saturday’s “Banish Unwanted Feelings Forever” workshop, and the “Seven Days to Live Your Dreams” coaching program.  Here are some answers:

Q: How long is the workshop replay call? A: It’s a little under two and a half hours long.

Q: Do I have to pay long distance? A: If you have a high-speed internet connection and are in the US or Canada, you can use the Skype software to call in and listen via your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC’s speakers.  Otherwise, you will have to pay long distance.  And no, sorry, I can’t help you set up Skype, I don’t know that much about it myself.

Q: Do I really need to print the handout? A: Yes, absolutely.  There is no way you’re going to be able to keep track of what’s going on without it, nor will you have any record of what you learned.  You really, really need the paper, or you are just going to get confused.

Q: Can I listen more than once? A: Yes.  And if you would like to get a recording, listen to and follow the instructions that I give at the very end of the call.

Q: How much longer will this be available? A: The replay line itself will continue working until 9pm Eastern time, on Tuesday, September 26th.  After that, the recording will expire, and no call-ins or MP3 downloads will be available!  So make sure you finish well before then, and don’t wait till Tuesday to order your book!

Q: On the call, you talked about the Seven Days to Live Your Dreams program, can I sign up for that even if I didn’t call in for the original conference? A: Yes, but the “early registration” prices are about to go up dramatically, especially since the first group coaching call for “Intensive” level members will be this Saturday (September 23rd)!

Q: Will I be able to buy recordings of the call? A: I don’t know yet.  Frankly, the recording quality for this call wasn’t at a level that I feel entirely comfortable with.  And, I expect that I will be rather busy the next few months doing the other six workshops in the Seven Days program, so I don’t know if I’ll have time soon to re-record it.  My suggestion is that if you want a recording, listen to the replay line and follow the instructions at the end to get a free MP3 recording.

Q: Will the rest of the Seven Days to Live Your Dreams workshops be available in this way, or as recordings? A: At this time, I only plan to make recordings available to people who are participants in the Seven Days program.  At some future time, I may sell a CD or mixed-media product based on the Seven Days recordings, but it will likely cost an amount that’s very close to what it would cost you to attend live, so you shouldn’t wait with the idea that you’re going to save a lot of money by doing so.

Q: When are the “Seven Days” workshops and coaching calls?  What happens if I miss one? A: The current plan is to do them at 9pm Eastern on Saturdays from September 23rd through December 9th.  This is based on the timezones of the people who have signed up so far, so let me know what timezone you’re in when you sign up.  If you miss a call, you’ll be able to catch it on a replay line or download it as an MP3.

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