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Your Last Chance To Bid

Monday is the last day to get your bids in for the numbered and signed limited first edition of “You, Version 2.0”.  For a quick look at the book, both inside and out, see this 62-page PDF sampler that showcases the front and back covers, as well as front/back matter and selected essays.

Dozens of bids have already come in, so you’ll need to place strong bids if you want a really low-numbered copy.  If you just want to make sure you get a copy, any copy, you’ll probably be okay bidding the list price, unless there’s a huge last minute stampede in the final hours of the auction.

But even if you don’t care about what number copy you get, you won’t want to delay getting your bid in.  Remember, buying the book is currently the only way to read Time and Awareness: The Refactored Self Part 2, an exclusive article found only in the book.  It’s not on my website, and it’s not going to be until after the limited edition is completely sold out… and maybe not even then.  So right now it’s exclusively available to purchasers of the limited edition, as my way of saying “thank you” for supporting me spending more time blogging.

Of course, you’ll also enjoy the other 27 essays that the book includes, all printed in a conveniently portable 6×9“ format, great for reading anywhere (except underwater, of course).  And only 150 copies of this special limited edition will available, ever.  They’re sitting in two big heavy boxes on my floor now, just arrived from the printer and still shrinkwrapped to retain that fresh “new book” smell.  😉

They’re sitting there in the corner, gazing up at me with puppy-dog eyes, just waiting for me to hand-number and sign them (with your choice of custom inscription) before I ship them to you.  Can’t you hear them, calling out from their boxes, “Buy me!  Own me!  Read me!”?  Okay, maybe that’s just my imagination.  😉  But you can make these books (and me) very happy by choosing to “adopt” one today.  Do it now!

The auction is now CLOSED.  Please visit the products page if you wish to purchase a copy of this book.

And please remember the bidding rules:

  • The higher the bid, the lower the number, and the better the bragging rights
  • Shipping and handling will be free for bids of $50 or more; otherwise it will be $6 inside the US and $15 outside (Note: this free shipping offer is for a limited time only; it ends when the auction ends!)
  • In the event of a tie between two or more bidders, earlier bids win over later bids
  • Your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship (shipping begins later this week)
  • All bids are final; if you place more than one bid, your highest bid will be used.
  • If there aren’t enough books for everybody, the people who got left out will be given a chance to get a copy of the second edition at its regular price plus shipping and handling.  The second edition will not be signed or numbered, nor will it carry the “special limited edition” imprints that the first edition does.
  • The minimum bid is the regular per-copy price of $29.95

You can request a custom message that I will sign your copy with (but I do reserve the right to change it or leave it off if I find it inappropriate).  If you don’t request a specific message, you’ll get whatever motivational soundbite or tired phrase of well-wishing comes to my mind when I sign it.  😉

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