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Let the bidding war begin!

It’s official.  The special limited first edition of “You, Version 2.0” is now available for sale, in a sealed-bid “dutch” or “Google IPO-style” auction.  If you want to check out what it looks like, inside and out, you can take a peek at this 62-page PDF sampler that showcases the front and back covers, as well as front/back matter and selected essays.

The book includes 27 essays from this site, plus one essay that noone else has seen before: part 2 of the Refactored Self.  It’s printed in a convenient 6×9“ format, great for reading anywhere, and there will only be 150 copies of this special limited edition available.  They will be hand-numbered and signed by me, with your choice of custom inscription.  And of course, the lower the number, the bigger the bragging rights.

The auction ends next week, but you don’t necessarily have that long to get your bid in.  If somebody else bids the same amount as you before you do, you could lose your spot in line, or worse, lose the chance to get a special edition copy at all.  No other edition will be numbered or signed, or have the “Special Limited Edition” indicia marks.

The auction is now CLOSED.  Please visit the products page if you wish to purchase a copy of this book.

And please remember the bidding rules:

  • The higher the bid, the lower the number, and the better the bragging rights
  • Shipping and handling will be free for bids of $50 or more; otherwise it will be $6 inside the US and $15 outside
  • In the event of a tie between two or more bidders, earlier bids win over later bids
  • Your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship (shipping begins the week of May 15th, 2006)
  • One book per customer until the auction closes; after that you can buy as many as you want
  • All bids are final; if you place more than one bid, your highest bid will be used.
  • If there aren’t enough books for everybody, the people who got left out will be given a chance to get a copy of the second edition at its regular price plus shipping and handling.  The second edition will not be signed or numbered, nor will it carry the “special limited edition” imprints that the first edition does.
  • The minimum bid is the regular per-copy price of $29.95

You can request a custom message that I will sign your copy with (but I do reserve the right to change it or leave it off if I find it inappropriate).  If you don’t request a specific message, you’ll get whatever motivational soundbite or tired phrase of well-wishing comes to my mind when I sign it.  😉

To prevent excessive bidding wars and last-minute sniping, bids will only be revealed as aggregate statistics, if at all.

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  • You mean confident. 😉

    Note that under this arrangement, everyone sets their own price; they are perfectly able to bid the list price if they so desire. But so far, nobody has.

    Bids for well over the list price have been coming in like clockwork from all over the world, which means that clearly many people believe they will be getting good value for their money.

    Those people who don’t believe this will of course not bid, and won’t get a book. So everyone gets the experience they choose to have, according to their beliefs.

    I mention all this not because of the book — it doesn’t matter to me if you buy one or not. But I do think you should consider whether the beliefs that make you say “greedy” affects your own ability to ask for what *you* want in your life. Because if you judge *yourself* to be greedy whenever *you* ask for what you want, you will not have a very fulfilling life.

    Mostly, we don’t get what we don’t ask for. So I encourage you to ask for what you want in life.

  • Man, you made it a lot of work with all the rules and whatnot! 🙂

    But no doubt worth it.

    I am not one of those tooty book collectors and could give a whit about what number I get…but I do care deeply for what you’ve created. More than once I asked myself why I needed the pulpware version and then remembered. To support you, dude. Thank you for helping me rewrite my supervisor calls to the kernel.

  • Haha. Maaan, turn that brain hacking mojo against us, why don’t you! “Ohnoz, I am not going get a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION! Where be my credit card?” I was hooked there for a minute.



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