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Thank you, readers

This is just a quick note to say thanks to all of my faithful readers who took a moment in the last couple of days at PyCon to say hello and mention that you enjoyed reading my non-Python articles as well as the others. I really appreciated your feedback, your encouragement and your being a sounding board for some of my latest ideas. So thank you, all of you.

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  • I’d like to thank you for your articles too. You really do have the talent and skill to come up and write excellent essays.

    We’re still waiting for your Refactoring Self part 2/2. 😉 I don’t want you to feel guilty about it, but you left us wanting more, especially in the comment section about the “refactory period”. Or was it meant to be a hint for us to find out about it ourselves? 🙂

  • The reason I haven’t written part 2 yet is that I was waiting until I had something I wanted to change, so I could use it as an example. I didn’t want to just write some stuff without actually testing it, even though I was going to explain something I’ve done before. I wanted to make sure it was *reproduceable*, in other words. Oddly enough, however, nothing has come up that’s needed the kind of change technique I was going to explain. I ended up making some higher-level changes that didn’t use those techniques explicitly, although in retrospect now I’m thinking that the same principles actually did apply.

    I think maybe I’ll just have to write the second part, and then just try making some random change to verify it, rather than waiting for something to come up that I really want to change. Or maybe I’ll just write up the change I made last week as an example.

    In either case, it’ll probably be post-PyCon, as my schedule’s pretty jam-packed through Wednesday.

  • Your blog rocks 🙂 I’m waiting for more essays; you could try coaching someone else to do those kind of tranformations, and see how it works 🙂

    I came here for the self-improvement stuff, though incidentally I’m also a python programmer.



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