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Children of a Lesser Python

Over the years, there have been many, many failed attempts to create alternative VMs for Python, in the hopes of increasing program performance. Even if we ignore the many half-finished Python-to-Parrot translator projects still lurching erratically...

The New Kid on the Templating Block

When Kevin Dangoor sent me the TurboGears announcement yesterday, and I went to check the site out, the first thing that impressed me was the page on the Kid template language. I just had to click over to the main Kid site to check it out.The truth...

What’s a megaframework?

Okay, so TurboGears is cool. Not because it’s another Python web framework, but because it’s a… megaframework? Okay, so it’s not a framework, but what the heck is a megaframework?Not that I have a better name for it, mind you. It is definitely a new...

Made to SCALE

Last week, I started to describe SCALE, the Syntax for Configuration And Language Extension. I haven’t had enough time yet to actually implement it, but this evening I was able to whip up an implementation of its low-level parser. As it turns out...

Notes from the (Storm) Front

Well, we’re about as prepared as we’re going to get. Nothing to do but wait, and take advantage of the simple amenities like TV, air conditioning, and internet service while they last. I’ve been doing some OSAF work, and answering emails generally...

Chandler begins recovery from XML

Well, it’s finally official. Chandler’s parcel.xml format is now deprecated and will soon be gone altogether, replaced entirely by simple Python APIs. Some of you may be thinking back to my Python Is Not Java rant, in which I said that using XML for...

PEP 342 Implementation now in CVS

My patch to implement PEP 342 is now in the Python CVS trunk. It probably could’ve gotten there sooner, but I’ve been terribly busy. I decided to go ahead and check it in now, rather than waiting until I’d polished every possible thing, so there are...

The Quiet Revolution

Python Eggs are popping up everywhere now. The Trac project will apparently become the first extensible, open-source Python application to use eggs as a plugin format. (I had thought Chandler would have earned that distinction, but it’s going to be...

The Way Forward is to Look Back

Backward compatibility is a blessing for users and a curse for developers, but often the only way to move a technology forward is by providing backward compatibility. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce setuptools and EasyInstall version 0...



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