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Your Top 3 New Year’s Resolution Mistakes

Your Top 3 New Year’s Resolution Mistakes

I was originally planning to write this as a regular blog article, but since one of my resolutions is to do more videos this year, here it is in video form: the top 3 mistakes that cause 88% of all new year’s resolutions to end in failure:


If you can’t see the video here, you can watch it here on YouTube.  And, if you want to get the ebook and other stuff I mention near the end, you can find it here.

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  • Your last comment resonated with me. We have to understand why we’re doing/not doing something in order to do something about it.

    I wasn’t allowed to place my work desk at the correct height, so I developed back/shoulder problems. I went to physiotherapist to get them fixed. Which worked in no time.

    Why? Being a civil engineer, I saw my body as some mechanical set of machinery and levers and so. I understood exactly where the problems were once the physiotherapist explained them. “Ah, I overbalance here because…”. “Ah, I do this and then that body part must do …”.

    That understanding greatly quickened my recovery as I better understood what I had to do.

  • i’ve got my sound back but before i watch the NY resolution video let it be said that i’m NOT making ANY this year. just a bunch of stupid promises to break and make me feel even more unsuccessful!

    so off to view your ideas. su

  • PJ, please do more of these video posts on your blog. I love your blog and you give really good information but if there’s one slight issue I have it’s how you tend to ramble on in your posts, making them hard to follow. In your videos you don’t do this: you stick to the point and are clear and concise, and it’s just wonderful.



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