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Workshop Handout: “How To Make Yourself Do Anything”

Workshop Handout: “How To Make Yourself Do Anything”

I’ve just uploaded the PDF handout for tomorrow’s free workshop, “How To Make Yourself Do Anything”.  Feel free to download and have a look, but if you want to actually attend the workshop, you’ll need to sign up here.

About 26 of the people who’ve tried to sign up have been unable to get their newsletters or call-in info, etc., because of aggressive spam blocking by their ISPs.  One person appears to have tried to sign up using four different email addresses, with multiple attempts for each, still with no success.  Another appears to have used an incorrect email address in the first place, and a few look like they might not be real addresses.

Unfortuantely, there’s not a lot I can do about these folks’ email, short of switching mail providers, and that ain’t going to happen in time for the workshop.  At least this is a relatively small number of problems, compared to the large number of successful sign-ups.  This looks like it will be by far my biggest workshop attendance to date.

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