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This must be what “Popular Demand” means…

This must be what “Popular Demand” means…

When I got up Tuesday morning and checked my email, I found a veritable flood of last-minute emails from people who hadn’t listened to or downloaded the workshop recording yet.  Some had actually started listening but were experiencing technical difficulties with Skype (or the phone service in their countries!), so I finally relented on my usual policy of not giving out the MP3 download information to people who hadn’t already listened to the whole thing.

Unfortunately, many of these people were in timezones where they are unlikely to receive my reply in time to both listen to the recording and still sign up for the full “Seven Days to Live Your Dreams” workshop series.  So, I’ve relented a bit on that too.  Instead of reserving the conference lines tonight when the replay line and download expires, I will wait until tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to put in the reservations.  And I will honor all of the discounted prices until then.  That way, the folks in Europe and Australia will still have a chance to receive the information I sent them and respond, before the basic registration goes up by $50/month.

But that is absolutely it – I can’t extend this any further and still have any credibility the next time I give an early-bird offer deadline!  The offer was supposed to be 48 hours for each person from when they heard the offer, but I didn’t really have any way to actually enforce that, so I ended up slipping to “when I have to reserve the lines” as a single deadline for everybody.

So, lesson learned.  The next time I do a program like this, I’ll automate the deadlines!  But this time, you guys get a free pass due to my lack of foresight.  So get your registrations in now before I change my mind.  😉


P.S. The Pathfinders site for coaching participants is finally on-line!  If you’ve already registered for the “Seven Days” program, you should’ve gotten an email from me asking what login ID and “full name” you want to use on the site, so I can set up your account.  Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see the assignments and responses from other members, and everyone’s questions and answers about the material we’ve covered so far on the calls.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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