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Are You a DaVinci?

Are You a DaVinci?

An inspiring movie, on a site promoting a book called The DaVinci Method. I’ve already bought the e-book version and read it – it has been quite an eye-opener for me. I’ll probably have more to say about the book in a later post, but for right now, I just wanted to point you folks to the movie, and encourage you to share the link with other people. This is something that could make quite a bit of difference in the lives of people who’ve been labelled as ADD/ADHD or “learning disabled”, and also to the people who’ve gone through life suppressing their voice (like my wife) or their sense of adventure (like me). Reading the book has given me a kind of “permission” to be who I actually am, instead of the restricted version of me. Yeah, that’s right. The me that you know from my blog to date is definitely the “low-bandwidth version”. That’s going to change pretty soon. 🙂

I don’t think the book delivers 100% on the promises they made in selling it, because it waffles a bit between saying that there’s actually a method to being a DaVinci type, and saying, Matrix-like, that there is no method, and then offering parts and pieces of a method. However, the vision it’s given me of the things I lost or repressed, the things I fear, and the capacity I could be actually expressing, was by itself well worth the price of the book, and it almost certainly will be for anyone else who fits the DaVinci profile.

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  • yeah, I bought and am reading the book. I was shocked to read the footnote sources, for various reasons, including some fairly pseudo-scientific sources like the biofeedback “research group” Biocybernaut. The book also makes a lot of references to souls, “extrasensory perception skills” and other unproven things. I’m ignoring these, as the they don’t really detract from the other points made, but I wish authors would at least try to look outside their belief systems whilst writing.

  • “””I’m ignoring these, as the they don’t really detract from the other points made”””

    Yep. I pretty much assumed he had all that stuff in there purely for the benefit of “theta” DaVincis, who apparently like that sort of thing. 🙂

    Although with respect to “soul”, I’m inclined to give him a bit more leeway, in looking at it as meaning the totality of one’s person and life-experience, as opposed to some incorporeal entity. That is, I’m seeing it as a description of *living* — as in “he ain’t got no *soul*”.

    And that sort of head-vs.-heart distinction is actually quite important, as is discussed in the new post I just wrote (“The Mistake That Took Years From My Life”).



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