Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Translation Policy

Someone recently asked whether they could translate my articles on their blog, so I thought I'd go ahead and post my official translation policy, such as it is at this time. You may create and publish online translations of my work, provided that:
  • You may not charge anyone for access to the translated article(s)
  • Translated articles may not be republished in print, audio, or any other medium besides on-line text without my prior written permission.
  • Each translation must prominently identify as the source and Phillip J. Eby as the author, and include a prominent link to the original version of the translated article
  • You may not place any advertising or content, paid or otherwise, that is not from on the same page as a translated article. This means that you cannot post translations directly to a blog that contains non-dirtSimple articles, but you can create a separate page that's a translation and then cite it in your blog, including a short excerpt if you wish.
  • You must retain intact all links that were in the original article, including any Amazon associate referral links
  • If a link points to another article that you've also translated, you may add a supplemental link like "(translation here)" to refer to the translated version, but you must still retain the original link as well. So if the original article has a link like "So as I said in the Multiple Self article, blah blah", you might translate it as something like "En El Yo Múltiple (traducción aquí)", with the second link pointing to your translated version, and the first one still pointing to the original English version at
  • You must post a comment to the original article containing a link to the translated version and enough English text for me to be able to tell it's a translation link and not some kind of spam in a language I don't understand. :)
Some of these restrictions are necessary because the articles here may eventually become part of a book, and I can't sell any rights that have already been given away. Please note that I must reserve the right to change this policy at any time, and that I also reserve the right to require that a particular translation be deleted or modified for any reason in my sole discretion. Thank you for helping to bring this material to a wider audience.

(P.S. If these restrictions are a problem, remember that you can always write original articles -- in whatever language -- that discuss in your own way the ideas presented here. As such, I would appreciate appropriate credit and citation, but I am obviously not in a position to control the disposition of your original work, as would be the case with derivative works such as translations.)