Friday, June 22, 2007

Was "The Secret" Censored?

Is there really a "secret" that lets you change reality into anything you want?  Or is it all just wishful thinking?

On the surface, it's an attractive idea.  And I've had a lot of experiences in my life that seem to support the idea -- times when it seemed like I had just "made" some lucky thing happen by thinking about it in just the right way.

For example, I went from making about $20,000 (USD) one year, to making $85,000 the next, just by making a decision.  Then, several years later, I raised my annual income again to around $135,000, just by making a decision.  And last year I raised Dirt Simple, Inc.'s gross sales from about $400/month to about $2500/month -- again by just deciding I would do so.

In each case, shortly after I made the decision to raise my income, an opportunity or idea arose that allowed me to do so.

But did these opportunities really arise because I had decided?

Or were they really there all along?

Last year, I heard about this film called "The Secret", which purported to reveal how you can "have, do, or be anything you want", through "The Law of Attraction".  At the time, the film was virtually unknown in the US, although I had heard it was shown on Australian television.

Unfortunately, the film is very long on hype and very short on detail.  Out of dozens of speakers telling inspirational tales or muttering metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, only one of them actually gave what I would consider useful information -- and her segments were actually cut from the US version of the film!

So if you watched what's left, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that the entire thing is nonsense.  In fact, I'd agree with you.  The real secret is entirely absent from the film, which revolves around some mystic idea that "like attracts like" and a "universal substance" that supposedly will form itself into whatever you want.

But I can't really blame the filmmakers too much for their mistakes.  Most of their primary sources (like The Science Of Getting Rich and The Emerald Tablet) also promote these nonsensical ideas.

What they miss, however, is that these laws don't describe the way the world works.  Instead...

They Describe How The Mind Works!

Proponents of the "Law of Attraction" usually claim that "thoughts are things", and that they cause the contents of our thoughts to be formed out of "universal substance".

But there's a big problem with this idea: if thoughts cause things to be formed, why doesn't everything we think of just appear out of thin air?  If this really worked, then everybody would know about it.  It wouldn't stay "secret" for very long if everybody went around conjuring mansions and Ferraris by snapping their fingers!

Still, there are so many stories of people using this idea to make things happen or to create great successes.  So surely there must be something to it?

Skeptics, of course, just dismiss the idea altogether, saying it's "only coincidence".  But this isn't helpful either, because it projects the idea that coincidences are a bad thing.

The truth is, coincidences are good, almost by definition.  Knowing how to create them on purpose would be even better!  So let's take a look at what a coincidence is.

The Source of Coincidences

Have you ever noticed how right after you buy a car, it seems like everybody is driving the same model and color?  The darn thing seems to show up everywhere!

Have you ever had a relationship end, and then suddenly found that everybody you meet reminds you of that person?

Is that a coincidence, or what?

The thing is, the cars were there the whole time, and so were the people.

You Just Didn't Notice Them!

Now, in the original film version of "The Secret" -- not the US version! -- there are actually a couple of segments where one of the authors interviewed talks about the idea of an "Emotional Guidance System", and describes how your feelings can be used to ascertain what you're currently "tuned in" to.

In a sense, your feelings will tell you what kind of coincidences you're likely to notice.  That's why, when you're running late and feeling stressed, everybody seems to be conspiring to make you even later!

For that matter, it also explains why desperation never gets you what you want, and why thinking you're inadequate makes you so!

And of course, it also explains why many of the times I tried to use "The Secret", it just didn't work.  And why it did work, the times I succeeded!

So when I heard about this "Emotional Guidance System" idea...

I Had To Find Out More

The woman who spoke about the guidance system had written a number of books, so I bought and read Ask And It Is Given.  About half the book is more mystic mumbo-jumbo, purporting to be from a "channeled being" called "Abraham".  Sorry, but I can "channel" stuff out my ass all day long, that doesn't make it true!

Channeling is really nothing more than asking your brain to tell you "what so and so would do", like when you pretend to be one of your friends or ask "what would Buddha do?"  You're just using information that's already in your head, but organizing it differently.  A few months ago, I actually taught one of my coaching clients to "channel" his "super self" -- the self that he really wants to be.  From time to time, he reports back on the many ways he's now become just like that "super self".

And as it happens...  this is really just another aspect of the real secret!

The problem is, most people want to believe in magical miracles.  They want to believe that wishing will make it all better.  That fairies and angels and gods will look out for them and care for them.

But the real and biggest miracle of all...

Is Already Inside You!

It's called a brain.  And you can use it to make whatever you want out of life.

Not by having your wishes dropped in your lap by a magic genie, but by taking action to support your goals.  Then, you have a better chance of encountering some of those helpful coincidences!

But is that all there really is to "The Secret"?

Heck, no!

In my house, I probably have at least a dozen or more books on the subject, accumulated over the last 15 years or so.  (In fact, I just threw together an Amazon Guide listing the first dozen useful books I could think of).

Each of those books contains, in its own separate way, a single piece of the real secret:

How to activate your brain
so it does what you want it to!

Unfortunately, 99 out of 100 times when you first encounter the ideas in these books, you're going to do exactly the wrong thing: you're going to try to use them.

And they don't work if you try.

Because trying is the opposite of the secret.

In other words, the real secret is learning how not to try!

And that, my friend, is the subject of my teleconference workshop next weekend, called...

The Reality Next Door

During the workshop, I'll put together for you the pieces I've learned from dozens of books and considerable amounts of trial and effort.  I'll tell you about my successes and failures, but more important, I'll show you what caused them.

I'll explain the true difference between "trying" and "not trying", and why coincidences never seem to work in your favor when you want them to.

I'll also show you why different people seem to live in different realities...  some living in a reality of abundance and ease, while others live in a reality of failure and suffering.

And if you live in that second reality, I'm going to show you how to move yourself to the reality next door!

You see, the real reality of life is much bigger than any of us can perceive all at once.  It contains both abundance and lack, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain.  But at any one time, we can only see a filtered version of how things are.  And I'm going to show you...

How to Change The Filter!

That doesn't mean you're going to live in a fantasy world, mind you.  Just a different part of the real world.  One that's just as real as whatever else you're experiencing now!  And just like the "Law of Attraction" proponents claim, eventually your circumstances really will match your thoughts.

Not through some kind of magic power, but through your choices.

Now, this workshop would normally only be for Owners' Circle members at Level 2 and higher.  But, because of the subject matter of this workshop, I've decided to make a special exception so that non-members can participate, too.

See, I figure that if you can change your current reality from lack to abundance, you'll be a lot more likely to follow through on your desires and join the Circle in the future!

Ordinarily, a full access ticket for a single workshop would cost $299 US  -- the same as one month of Level 3 (Full) membership in the Circle.

But for this workshop only, I'm going to charge a mere $99 US for non-members -- less than you'd have to pay just to buy all the books I've read on this subject, that still only give you some pieces of the real secret.  (And let's not even talk about how much time you'd have to spend to read them all and figure it out!)

But just to make this a complete "no-brainer", I'll also throw in a one-month free trial of Level 2 (Associate) membership, absolutely free.  You'll get the current Life-Changing Secrets CD and Life Without Struggle newsletter, along with 30 days of free access to the Pathfinders' Forum, and of course...

This Reality-Altering Workshop!

After the month is over, your membership will automatically be renewed at the regular price of $99/month.  Or you can email me any time during the month to cancel.  You'll get to keep everything you've received or learned, and pay not a single penny more.

But my hope, of course, is that what you'll learn in just this one workshop will so thoroughly change your reality, that you'll be able to "just decide" to have the money... and find your decision made into reality.

The same way it worked for me, when I decided to quadruple my income!

So sign up now to reserve your spot, before June 30th.  The workshop is at 6pm Eastern, but if you can't make it on the teleconference at that time, I'll email you a link to download an MP3 within a few days afterward.

But you have to sign up before the workshop to get this special offer, and I strongly recommend calling in for the actual workshop, even if it's not at a convenient time for you.

My workshops are interactive, and I give my examples and instructions and explanations based on the questions and problems and goals of the people who are actually on the phone.  (Plus, you'll pay more attention when you're listening live, because your brain won't want to "miss" anything!)

So if you've ever "tried" and failed...  if you've ever wanted to really take control of your life...  if you've ever wondered whether there is some secret that separates the people who succeed in life from those who don't...  then this is exactly what you're looking for.

I'll show you how to open the door to a new reality...  but it's up to you to step through it.

Don't "try".  Just do.