Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sneak Preview: The Reality Next Door

One of the weird things that happens to me when I'm preparing my workshops, is that I'll nearly always have some sort of problem or issue that relates to the subject of the workshop.  It's probably because I'm so focused on thinking about those sorts of problems and how to help people get through them.

In this case, while working on the workbook for Saturday's "Reality Next Door" workshop, I kept running into problems with applying some of the principles described in the handout -- specifically some of the tactical skills of being definite.

When you want to turn an idea into reality, you have to do certain things in order to tell your brain that you "really mean it".  This is a good thing, because otherwise we'd do everything we think of!

However, if you forget these extra steps, and just say to yourself something like, "yeah, I'll work on the workbook tomorrow," that's just not good enough.  I did that for like three days, and got absolutely nothing done on it, because I was just saying that.

In order to be definite, you also have to visualize certain things, in a certain way, and get certain physiological responses from your body -- at which point you know your target is "locked in".

So, yesterday I realized that I was forgetting to do what I'd written up in my lecture notes, and had been using to accomplish all kinds of things last week.  And then I started saying to myself, "yeah, I need to make that definite"...

But still not doing it!

So I still sometimes forget to do the things I teach, but I'm happy to say that this month, my good days outnumbered my bad days by at least 2:1.  It used to be that the days of being "on" were the exception, with "off" days being the rule.  Now I'm finally spending most of my days living a life of passion, peace, and productivity.  I get up in the morning knowing what I'm going to accomplish, and feeling excited about it.

Today, for example, besides doing my day job work, I'll be writing part of this month's Owners' Circle newsletter.  This issue will be all about living a life of passion: how to "follow your bliss" on a day-to-day basis, while still getting done what you need to do.

And tomorrow, I'll be recording this month's Life-Changing Secrets CD: The Secret of Inner Peace.  On the CD, I'll explain how to create strong personal boundaries and an identity that makes you virtually immune to outside disturbances.  Equally important, I'll show you how to use the things that bother you to better define who you are as a person, while immediately increasing your peace of mind.

And then Saturday, I'll be teaching the workshop, whose workbook I finished late last night, after realizing that I needed to...

Be definite about being definite!

You see, the most important piece I was forgetting was this: the action brain only knows about two kinds of time: "now", and "not now".  And one of the most important parts of being definite, is making clear when the "now" is that you intend something to happen.  Otherwise, it's never going to.  It'll just be "not now", forever.

So there you go -- one free tip from Saturday's workshop on creating your dreams: a small piece of what I'll be covering for the notes on page 4 of the workbook.  If you'd like to hear the rest, and get not only the new newsletter and CD, but also the current "How not to be a victim" newsletter and "Secrets of Personal Presence" CD, sign up for the workshop now.

You'll get to call in on Saturday and join us (or download the MP3 afterward), and a free trial month of Associate membership in the Owners' Circle, including all the CD's and newsletters I just mentioned.  After the month is over, your membership will automatically be renewed at the regular price of $99/month.  Or you can email me any time during the month to cancel, and you'll get to keep everything you've received or learned up to that point.

Remember, the action brain only knows "now" and "not now".  If all you know is how to put things off, your life is just going to keep slipping away from you.  Make it definite; do something, now.