Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Whole Lotta PEPping goin' on

Yesterday was the final deadline for Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) for Python 3.0 .  In theory, this was the date that PEPs were to be reviewed by, but in practice, lots of people (myself included) were submitting new PEPs at the last minute, to make sure they got in.

Of course, the main point to having a deadline was just to have some way to call a halt to endless discussion about what features Python 3.0 might or might not have.  There are clearly going to be lots of lively discussions going forward about ABCs, interfaces, traits, super()-as-keyword, and so on.

Today, Guido posted a quick PEP parade listing his current thoughts on most of the proposals, and I'm happy to say that his initial comments on my PEP 3124 - Overloading, Generic Functions, Interfaces, and Adaptation (and a side helping of AOP) were actually fairly positive.  Hopefully this won't change once he reads the full details.  ;-)

It may not have technically been required by the deadline, but I also rushed in PEP 365 - Adding the pkg_resources module.  I think that pkg_resources is basically stable enough now, and including it would eliminate the number one source of user problems with setuptools: the bootstrapping process.

Python 3.0 is starting to look pretty exciting, despite the fact that I haven't even finished the libraries I've been writing to take full advantage of Python 2.5's new features.