Saturday, January 27, 2007

Second Chance for the Workshop

It seems I goofed yesterday when I put up the call-in numbers for my "How To Make Yourself Do Anything" workshop, and so a lot of people who weren't using Skype were unable to get into the call.  Also, there was a sudden rush of people signing up to get on to the call, just a few hours before it started, who didn't get their confirmation or other emails in time due to spam filtering.

So, I've decided to put up a recording of the call, just until 5pm Eastern tomorrow, Sunday January 28th.  So if you missed the call tonight, you still have about 20 hours in which to get on the line and hear it.  Some attendees were telling me that this was probably my best and most important talk ever, so I'm definitely going to want to start charging for it in the future.

Thus, the time limit on the replay, because this is mainly just to help out the people who missed it because of my screw-up or technical glitches, not to provide an open freebie to everybody that didn't get around to it.  Still, a side effect of the way I've got things set up at the moment is that if you do sign up now (and confirm your valid email address, of course), you'll still get the same information you need to call in and hear the replay line.

So, if you just got back from vacation or something and didn't know there was a workshop going on, feel free to help yourself to the recording, just do it quick.  ;-)


P.S. About two hours into the call, I got knocked off my Skype connection and had to call back in. So if you hear something on the recording about "the Moderator Has Disconnected", just ignore it and hang on for a minute, because I called right back in.