Friday, January 26, 2007

The Internet is Lossy

This is just a quick shout-out to those faithful readers of my self-improvement blog via Planet Python:  your feed was recently cut off, so here are the posts you missed in the last week or two:

These are just the posts I know for sure were missed by most people; it's possible that you personally missed more than these.  The feed appears to have been cut off about 12 hours after "How To Make Yourself Do Anything" first appeared, judging from my log of clickthroughs.  I'm assuming that this was an intentional change to the feed; probably due to some malcontent off on a rant.  (Yet another hazard of the lossy internet, I suppose!)

Anyway, if you'd like to avoid missing future posts this way, please use the "Keep In Touch" sign-up box on the right-hand side of any of the above-linked pages (but not the one on this page; that's for the programming feed) and enter your email address.  Then, you'll be notified by email automatically whenever new self-improvement posts come out.  No feed reader is necessary, and you can even hide your email address if you like.  This is a completely separate email system run by FeedBlitz, and isn't related to my email newsletter ("Life In Every Moment") or workshop signups.


P.S. If you're not one of my faithful self-improvement blog readers, this article isn't addressed to you, so you can mind your own damn beeswax and go back to reading about claymation, various musical instruments, Java, and other "off-topic" posts that quite a lot of people besides myself enjoy reading.  It seems to me that if what you really want is the Daily Python-URL, you should already know where to find it.

(Me, I find it hard to recall seeing a strictly-on-topic Planet Python message that didn't show up in the DP-U, yet the DP-U often includes many Python-related posts and articles from sources that would never show up on the Planets.)