Monday, October 02, 2006

While You Were Gone

If you usually read my blog via the Unofficial Planet Python blog aggregator, you've been missing posts for about two months now, due to a software problem.  Here's a quick list of highlights of some of the posts you may have missed during that time.




This isn't a complete list, actually.  I've left out short posts related mainly to preparations for the two teleseminar workshops I've given so far, or that related to registration or purchase deadlines that have already passed.

So, if you completely missed the fact that I was having these workshops, don't worry.  Up until October 15th, you can still get an MP3 recording of the Banish Unwanted Feelings Forever workshop when you buy my book.  And the second workshop's recording can be had if you join the Pathfinders for the rest of the "Seven Days to Live Your Dreams" program by October 13th (the day before the next of the seven workshops).  So, don't despair!