Monday, September 11, 2006

Free Registration is Now Closed

If you signed up for the conference while the signing was good, you should now have an email from the conference service giving you a dial-in number and some additional instructions from me.  If you sent me a fax, but haven't received the invitation email, please contact me immediately.  (If you don't have any other email address for me, use sales "at"

If you didn't send me a fax, but ordered a book since September 1, then I reserved a line for you but can't let you on without a signed release, so you still need to fax me a completed and signed sign-up sheet.  That also goes for the person whose fax machine today sent only the first few inches of the sheet, not including their name or signature!

If you didn't sign up at all, however, it will now cost you $299 to get in on the call and all the benefits that the rest of the group (about 20% of the people who own a copy of You, Version 2.0) will be receiving.  And time, of course, is limited, as I have to get your order in enough time to make a change to the teleconference reservation.  So, if you want to attend, please click here now to place your order.  You will need to enter both a billing and shipping address, even though there's nothing to ship.  And, you'll still need to fax in your sign-up sheet.  The conference login details will be emailed to the address you give within 24 hours of the time I receive both your order and your fax.  If an order is received too late to allow me to add a line for you, your credit card will not be charged.

I now return to my feverish preparation of the final outline for the call, handout preparation, and so forth.  Thank you to all who registered!