Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tempting Fate?

It seems that fate took the title of my last article (How to Stop Having Problems) as some kind of challenge.  A few days after posting it, my computer died on a Sunday morning.  I then spent my day finding a new motherboard, installing it, updating drivers and so forth.

Less than a week later, the server that hosted, my wife's store's website, and all of my open source projects began suffering from a hard drive problem.  But the hosting provider wouldn't transfer the data to a new hard drive without a lengthy downtime and hefty hourly fees to copy the data.  Needless to say, I'm now with a new hosting provider, though I'm still working on moving some of the more customized stuff.

Then, today, when I had blocked out a few hours to work on an article about a new mind hack that I discovered while dealing with those problems, I discovered that the washing machine quit working just at the point where the rinse cycle was supposed to begin, leaving me staring at a big tub full of water and wet clothes. Sears told me they could have a repairman out on Thursday.  Ouch.

So, a few hours later, and a lot of running between the PC and the garage, I managed to take the washing machine apart until it was just a tub of water perched on a motor, and jury rig a temporary replacement for the lid switch that had broken apart.  Thank you, oh appliance repair blogs and forums!  (Not to mention online stores that stock inexpensive replacement parts!)

Alas, my heroic repair efforts took up pretty much all the time I had for blogging today.  Which sucks, because I've been learning some neat stuff.  I probably need to get back in the habit of writing partial drafts when I'm thinking about things, rather than trying to just sit down and write articles in one go.  Oh well.

In the meantime, I'm continuing work on my new course, Get Ready To Change, and to date I've received orders for 50 copies of You, Version 2.0, which I've shipped to 13 different countries so far.  Thank you so much for your orders, and I look forward to selling out the special edition soon.  Get 'em while you can!