Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And they're off!

Wow!  The results for the first twelve hours of the auction have been pretty amazing so far.  If that order rate were maintained through the remainder of the auction, some people might end up not being able to get books.  (And it's even worse if people are waiting 'till the last minute, since that would mean even more orders later in the week.)

So if you're thinking about getting one, the time to place your order is now.  There's still a pretty big spread between the amounts that people bid, so even a small difference in bid amount can have a big impact on your positioning, unless you're shooting for the #1 spot (in which case you'll have to dig really deep to beat the currently leading bid).  So far, not a single person has bid the minimum, however, so it might be unwise to become the first!  The average bid was a bit over $50, which especially makes sense for the folks who are outside the US because of the free shipping that kicks in at that level.

You know, I really appreciate everyone's participation in this; it means a lot to me.  You guys are encouraging me to believe that I might actually be able to make a living as an independent author/publisher some day, and it's really making me more enthusiastic about writing more stuff and maybe even branching out a bit as to subject matter.

For example, not many people know that in the last 23 years (i.e., since I turned 15), I've gotten every single job I've ever applied for, on the very first try, with compensation that was equal to or better than what I asked for.  But I imagine that a lot of people probably would like to know how I did that, and today it occurred to me for the first time that there might be a book in it.  It's a set of things I do that I tend to take for granted -- but this weekend I heard something at a marketing workshop that made me realize the things I take for granted are likely to be the things that other people are most interested in, much more so than the things I've been learning about and blogging here.  The things I mostly blog about are interesting to me because they're new (to me), but the truth is that most of the things that are really old to me, are still new to most people.

Another example: I use a lot of uncommon project management techniques, involving concepts like my "power law of project priorities", and what I now like to call the "ten million dollar question".  There are a lot of things like this that very few people know about, aside from the handful of managers I've taught them to.  Producing training materials and getting it in front of a bigger audience is going to take some marketing money, however, and that (in case you've been wondering) is what the funds from this book are earmarked for: seed capital to help me assemble and market courses of all kinds, including personal development ones.

Anyway, before today, there was little chance that I'd have considered taking the time to actually write books on any of these things.  Thank you, all of you generous pioneers.  If I write more books, you guys will deserve big props for encouraging me to give it a try.  So keep those bids coming!