Friday, February 24, 2006

Laptop, Interrupted

Well, I finally made it to PyCon, and got this new laptop set up well enough to use. The old one was broken yesterday on arrival at the D/FW airport, when a rental car bus driver decided to start the bus moving while my wife and I were still putting our luggage in the racks. The driver started and stopped several times, even though all the passengers were yelling for him to hold on. (Indeed, we had barely stepped inside when he started the bus moving.) In the process, my wife tripped and fell backwards, and I literally dropped everything to dive under and break her fall, supporting her back and head so she wouldn't hit the floor. It wasn't until we got to our hotel and tried to use the laptop that we discovered the screen was broken, except for a small, irregularly shaped area.

So now I'm using a replacement, but it still feels quite awkward. No Python, no Cygwin, no jEdit, no IRC... it hardly seems like having a computer at all. For some reason, the Cygwin setup program insists that it can't find the mirrors list, so I can't seem to download it. Ugh. I think I may end up just trying to network this machine with the old one and then copying over huge blocks of stuff. No telling how Cygwin will feel about that, though.