Sunday, October 23, 2005

Waiting for Wilma

Here we go again. 10pm, and we just finished getting the place boarded up, more or less. Lots of screwholes and anchors didn't work quite right, and some of the bolts wouldn't go into the anchors. We've really got to get some "real" hurricane shutters; the job would've been done a lot sooner and with less heavy lifting. Luckily the forecast is for a relatively short "wind event" of six hours or so. The current track though is right on top of us. Nothing to do but wrap up those last few internet tasks, enjoying my access while it lasts. It's pretty likely the power will go out tomorrow, possibly before we're out of bed - especially considering how tired I am now. With luck, we'll be back online in a day or so, though of course you can never be sure.

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