Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Want to protect animals? Eat more meat!

From The Naive Vegetarian:
Of course, animal death due to cropping is "invisible" and therefore doesn't happen. Lamb chops in the market are visible and vegetarians weep for the victim. I know that these realities have no impact on animal-rights types -- they are not nearly so concerned with animal death and suffering as they are with animal death and suffering due to deliberate human actions. Their emphasis is, in fact, not on animal welfare but on the control of other human beings."
If you're a vegetarian, you probably don't want to read this. If you don't like the idea that humans are natural raw-meat eaters, you probably won't care for it either. But for the open-minded, it's well worth reading, despite occasionally inflammatory comments about how vegetarianism leads to irritability and violent tendencies, and jokes about how you don't usually see meat eaters bombing stores that sell vegetables. :) However, even these remarks are backed by good science (mental effects of various nutritional deficiencies), and the author also suggests that maybe people become aggressive when they haven't had enough meat, because their bodies are trying to tell them they need to go kill something and eat it. :)