Monday, March 14, 2005

Additional bits of things...

A few PyCon-related odds and ends that I forgot to mention yesterday:

Anybody interested in BOF's or Open Space at PyCon about PEAK, PyProtocols, or generic functions? Someone asked previously if there would be a PEAK BOF, but I think at the time I didn't even know for sure that I was going to PyCon.

Also, does anybody know how presentations are actually being done as far as media goes? I'm assuming that it's the usual "hook up your laptop to a projector in the room" approach, but the insistence on Javascript-free HTML or PDF makes me worried that I'm going to have to actually use that format to present, not just to provide material for the proceedings. I'm probably just paranoid.

And speaking of paranoid, I just found out that they're going to be recording all the presentations. Normally I'm just fine with public speaking, but knowing that what I'm saying and doing is being permanently recorded makes me a bit self-conscious, trying to play to the future audience as well as the present one. So naturally I think recording is a bit of a rip-off for the persons present, although I do appreciate that there are people for whom coming to PyCon is simply not an option.

Unfortunately, opting out of the recording apparently is not an option; I can only opt out of distribution of the recording, and speakers were not even notified about this until recently. I still don't know what I'm going to do about it, because even if it's not being distributed, I'll still be aware of it and put off by the recording. After all, the people doing the recording will still have it, even if they can't distribute it. And they might watch it. Intellectually, I know they've got better things to do than to go over my gaffes in excruciating detail, but emotionally it's another thing. :) Anyway, there's also the sense that if they're going to have the damn recording anyway, I might as well allow people to benefit from it. So, I really haven't decided yet whether I'll allow it.