Monday, December 27, 2004

If you're using Thunderbird 1.0 on Windows via Bellsouth DSL...

...please check your IP address. If it's, would you please stop your Thunderbird from downloading the blog feed every few minutes? You've downloaded atom.xml over 360 times today, without so much as an "If-Modified-Since" header, translating to over a gigabyte of transfer per month if you keep it up, just for whatever you've got Thunderbird doing. Please stop; I don't update my blog every five minutes, so you don't need to poll it every five minutes. At the very least, please change your settings so that Thunderbird uses If-Modified-Since. Thanks!

Update as of 8:23pm: Your Thunderbird is still downloading the feed every 15 minutes, without using If-Modified-Since. Firefox is also downloading it once an hour, also without using If-Modified-Since. Please check your cache settings!