Monday, November 22, 2004

"Boss" loses its edge

I guess I should've known it wouldn't last. Obnoxious Boss has started to become repetitive, and is losing the formerly sharp edge on its satire. Last week was still okay, they had a hilarious "sales exercise" where one of the advisors roleplayed impossible sales situations, like, "I'm an Eskimo, sell me some ice!", and "I'm the Devil; sell me fire!", then shot down every sales attempt with comments like, "I've got all the fire I need, I just snap my fingers and make more."

But this week, the pranks mostly consisted of the actors being jerks or creepy, rather than being any kind of send-up of The Apprentice or clever satire of some aspect of the real business world. I think the producers wrongly decided to "focus their efforts across the board" by introducing too many minor characters and conflicting situations, too. Maybe next week it'll get better again, but if not I'll probably just tune out, at least until the unveiling of the "secret boss".

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