Thursday, October 14, 2004

West Palm Beach Python Meetup

I went to the West Palm Python Meetup this evening. Of course, it was in Boca Raton, not West Palm, and it was less an "official" meetup than it was just me and Ty getting together to talk and perform a few practical exchanges like him giving me back the power strips he'd borrrowed back when we both worked at Verio. He and I were the only ones there for the meetup, as far as we know. I wore a bright green Python t-shirt and left word with the hostess to send any Python Meetup people our way, but no luck.

It was just as well, though, as this way I got a chance to spend some quality time with PEAK customer #1 and my frequent collaborator/co-designer. This was actually the first I've seen him in months, since we no longer work at the same place, and he lives a couple hours away. It was really cool to swap ideas and discuss our development plans. He's written a script that uses PEAK to set up DNS mirroring between a couple of his servers, and I'll soon be checking into setting it up myself so we can perform secondary DNS for each others' servers on an automated basis. The idea is that it uses DNS itself to do the mirroring, listing the domains to be mirrored in TXT records. The script uses those records to periodically regenerate a configuration file to be included in named.conf. I can't wait to take a look at it; maybe we'll even turn it into another bundled "tool/example" module for PEAK.

We didn't spend much time discussing Python in general; mostly it was a PEAKfest. That shouldn't be really surprising, since Ty's the only other person with commit access to the PEAK CVS. I imagine, however, that if anybody else were to show up at the next meetup, we'd probably talk more about current events in the Python world.